Courses and Lessons

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching Philosophy is simple. To learn and have fun! I believe that piano lessons can be something that everyone enjoys attending. Music is full of emotions and meanings and is meant to be enjoyed, therefore it seems counterproductive to have lessons that are dreary and boring. I tailor piano lessons to the students strength, weaknesses and interests. I invent new material and combine practical exercises with the current technology. My aim as a piano teacher is to have fun and enjoyable lessons while working diligently on achieving a specific and measurable goal. Most importantly I aim to create a fun, energetic and supportive learning atmosphere.

My students will;

  • Learn a long term skill and language.
  • Gain an appreciation for music.
  • Develop confidence and creativity.
  • Achieve the ability to play with emotion and musicality.
  • Have fun!

At Epics Music we value the parents opinions and their involvement in their child’s learning. That is why through the Epics Music website you will be able to receive information about your child’s progress, their strengths and other information.

  • Individual one-on-one Lessons (either 30 minutes or 1 hour)
  • Online Student Profiles to keep track of payments and lesson times.
  • Available to invoice to NDIS 3rd party planner

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons is what Epics Music is all about which is why the first Piano Lesson is FREE to get to know each other and to discuss styles and set goals. Through Epics Music, Christine offers fun and productive piano lessons for leisure, for AMEB exams, high school, and skill levels from beginner to intermediate/advance. Having studied at the prestigious Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Christine has wide musical knowledge and skills and has years of experience in tutoring Piano and other subjects. Piano lessons can be 30 minutes or one hour in length and are generally held after school hours. Located near Kiama High, Epics Music is the perfect place to learn piano and accepts students who are between 6 and 60. Christine is friendly, happy, helpful and most importantly patient! Piano Lessons through Epics Music and Computers allows you to learn piano in the style you like!

A Message from Christine:

I understand that learning a new skill and language can be difficult and hard work. Having to make the time and the effort after school or work can be a challenge. This is why it is vital that lessons are fun and engaging. I am Student Centered and Goal Focused; I center my lessons around the students needs and interests while consistently focusing on the goal that we set together to achieve. I teach at my house in Kiama, I have been teaching for over 15 years and enjoy it thoroughly. I offer piano lessons for leisure and for AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) exams with skill levels from beginner to intermediate/advanced. I endeavour to make sure that my students’ have fun while learning.

Guitar Lessons

MEET BRAD – Epics brand new Guitar and drum Teacher!
Brad is currently in his 2 year studying Music at University of Wollongong, he is Guitarist of Headland Worship and now Guitar Teacher @epicsmusic!
Brad is a Marvel fan, understands all that diamond armor Minecraft talk and has an amazing guitar collection!
His flaw is that he has not read all the Harry Potter books but it’s good to know we all have room to improve!
If you or any family or friends would like a free introduction lesson with Brad (to learn acoustic guitar, electric guitar or to just teach him what the Elder Wand is) contact me now!

Drum Lessons 

Come and join Drum lessons with Brad. We follow the Australian Music Exam Board (AMEB) Rockschool drumming curriculum as well as having some fun goals of playing along to the students favorite songs. Drumming is great for cross-lateral and hand-eye co-ordination, along with self esteem and many other benefits!

Junior Epics Music – JEM

Having had amazing experience as a licensed Kindermusik teacher, I have now opened up my studio to welcome preschool piano classes! By following the amazing Wunderkey’s program I provide fun and active lessons for children from ages 3 and up. It’s a fun and exciting way to be introduced to the piano through games and stories. Each lesson goes for  30minutes and includes 5 minutes of “week in review” chat, 20 minutes of stories, piano playing and off-the bench music educational games finishing with 5 minutes of “week to come” run down.

Composition Lessons

From senior / VCE / HSC Composition through to University level.

Composition requires a good understanding of music theory, a general knowledge base of music history, confident performance skills, the ability to improvise, buckets of creativity, preferably experience with more than one instrument and a passion for creating music! Luckily through Epics Music you can learn all of these traits of a composer and more. You will learn many different styles and techniques of composition, the use of abstract inspiration and the “musical side” of mathematical equations.

Composition is so much broader than putting a few notes together and can be taught at many different levels. If you wish to receive lessons in composition, lessons can start from basic solo instrument tonal pieces and can continue up to tertiary level symphonies.

A message from Christine:

Composition is my passion and what I love and live to do, so lessons will be both extensive and exciting. Because of the amount of skills that need to be taught for composition these lessons are only available for a minimum of 1 hour per week.

Composition is very fulfilling no matter what level it is for. If you are even slightly curious about learning composition I strongly urge you to contact me so we can get started on creating another great Debussy, Xenaxis, Stockhausen or Cage (they’re composers… we’ll cover this in our lesson!)

Music Theory Lessons

For high school, university and AMEB theory. From beginners to advanced students.

Theory can sometimes be a forgotten necessity of learning any instrument. It’s great to know what keys to press but you need to know why.

Music theory is required for elective music in high school and above as well as for AMEB grades.

Having studied music theory and solfege at the Sydney Conservatorium I have discovered teaching theory with practical exercises optimizes the learning experience and I implement this in my teaching.

Music theory covers topics such as chordal structures, harmony, notation, instrumentation, structure, musicology and more.