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Thank you for visiting the Epics Music website! Here you will learn about the fun and productive piano lessons taught by myself Christine Buurman. Through Epics Music and Computers, I offer piano lessons for leisure, for AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) exams (up to Grade 7), high school, and skill levels from beginner to intermediate/advanced. Located near Jones Beach in Kiama Downs, Epics Music is the perfect place to learn piano and I welcome students who are between 6 and 96 years old. I see myself as being friendly, happy, helpful and most importantly patient! Epics Music allows you to develop your piano skills using a learning method personalized to your abilities and Epics Music is open to all musical genres!


Some of the many benefits of learning piano through Epics Music
~ the students’ gaining a hobby that they’ll enjoy
~ have fun while progressing through lessons and
~ develop a great musical understanding of their instrument and the pieces they are learning.

I endeavor to make sure that the students’ have fun while learning and gain confidence in themselves.

The Parents’ will gain

~ an understanding of what their child is learning
~ being able to see their child perform and develop their skills
~ have constant information sent to them about their child’s progress and
~ have the freedom to pay either by “per term” or “per lesson”!

Lessons are currently taught at Christine’s home studio located in Kiama Downs and lessons are available on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

For further questions please view the FAQ page or choose your preferred method of contact via the contact page. You can also follow Epics Music through Facebook!

What Christine’s Students Say:


~ Mat, age 18

I know I answered all the questions with ‘strongly agree’, but that’s because I do! I love our lessons and think you are a fantastic piano teacher!

~ Liz age 17

You are a fantastic piano teacher Christine!

~ Renae age 27

Thanks again for being such a lovely piano teacher and friend – a great role model.

~ Pauline, mother of Georgia age 15

Christine Buurman

Epics Music and Computers is a growing business that utilizes the forever changing technology in today’s society. We continue to embrace an understanding of older technology while incorporating the traditional aspects of music.

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Girl in the Woods

Girl in the Woods

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Playing Dog

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